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Why we choose to build the Progressive web app (PWA)

Why we choose to build the Progressive web app (PWA)

Written by Parvatiandsons Team
Aug. 25, 2020

Why we choose to build the Progressive web app (PWA)

Progressive web apps(PWA) help users and developers from their point of view. Users don't want to install too many apps on their mobile. but they want to use all apps and their features. Developers had trouble and they take too much time to develop a single app for any device and platform. In this case, Google introduces PWA (Progressive web apps).

Let's Know more about Progressive web apps(PWA).

What is a Progressive web app (PWA)?

Progressive web apps are a methodology to give mobile apps experience in the browser without installing the whole app. On the other hand best ever clone is the PWA of web and mobile apps. a user can add to his home screen like an app.

1. Reliable

When the user opens apps from the home screen, It's loads intently like an app. This is possible through service workers, It's written in javascript form, and runs in the background.

2. Fast

After the open web app, It reacts very smoothly and loads data intently there is less animation and more information. PWA aims to reduce the exit page by the user. If website load longer then 3 seconds, then user drop this website instantly.

3. Engaging

PWA apps behave like real mobile applications with the highest possible user experience. the user can add the website on the home screen with one tap, without opening the play store. they provide a full web screen to feel like an app. Users can re-engage with an app through push notifications.


Why choose Progressive Web App?

If you take a decision to build a progressive web app, So it gives you more benefit and also helps users learn and share information.
Add to the home screen,
Reliable more than a mobile app,
handle network condition,
increase user engagement,
improved new user conversion

  • By Viprajay Dhali
  • 03-April-2021