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What is market analysis?

Written by Parvatiandsons Team
Nov. 11, 2020

What is market analysis?

Market analysis is to make a strategy for making a decision, like investment, entering markets, and leaving markets. It is the main Aim to focus on the structure of an industry, sub-industry, sector, and more. Market analysis's basic means is to check the market Growth rate, size, profitability, trends, and competitive environment.

Types of market analysis


1. A priori (most commonly used)

A priori is explained about relating to information that proceeds from theoretical deduction rather than from observation or experience.

2. Usage segmentation (also used frequently)

Usage rate segmentation divides behavior of taking product usage. The team divided this analysis into four parts, Non-users, light, medium, and heavy product users. After getting these reports the company focusing on heavy product users.

3. Attitudinal (cluster analysis)

Cluster analysis is known as conduct and interpretation by the user. It is also known as a statistical tool to divided objects into two groups. It is generally used for exploratory analysis and provides methods of discovery by solving classification problems.

4. Needs-based segmentation

Needs-based customer segmentation is the technique to get information about your product and consumer behavior, like the user, love your Product or not. The company focused on good consumer behavior to sell them more products. This strategy helps the delivering need of Customer product more effectively.


What is market research?

Nowadays, many companies have their own team or market research and analysis, the team is experts to build the strategy for market research. Market research means that, gather information about product position, customer details, customer behavior, and more. After gathering this information company can make a decision about make selected products or not.

Types of market research


1. Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is all about asking questions and gathering data about consumer needs, Values, and behaviors. Marketing can't get the report of every person or business at the same time, So the main aim of market segmentation is to allow to build the strategy for making the market strategy.

2. Product Testing

A deep understanding of products and consumer behavior is called product testing. nowadays companies have many strategies for product testing then positioning in a competitive market.

3. Advertising Testing

Business promotion or product promotion both are part of advertising testing. nowadays millions of user activity on the internet, so Social media helps to target selected customers by choosing the city, age, gender, and more.

4. Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis

This is all about what customers feel about your product and how many times you purchased your product. present time many tactics to fetch data about which customer is your permanent and which is the satisfied customer. after getting these details company get help to forecast decision.