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"What Websites Offers to Startups"

Written by Parvatiandsons Team
Dec. 28, 2023

To understand why website designing is important for your business, you firstly need to map and comprehend the vision that you set before even starting your business. It was always not just a small business that you envisioned, in fact, it was something that spread like a contagious network.


But how do you think the large businesses grow? Is it the advertising that helps them or is there something even bigger? Of course, Word of Mouth is a way wider concept, but still, it can widen your local approach, and let’s consider it even takes you to a bit wider region covering approximately the circumference of 100 km or nearby proximity. But is it enough?

And how do you know about KFC, Mcdonald's, and other international brands, or even let’s talk about Domestic brands such as Zomato, Boat, Lenskart, and others? 


The answer to all the questions is just a single term–Social Influence. 

Social Epidemics are the main root of taking your business to the heights that fulfill your dreams of owning a Luxury Car and a Luxury Lifestyle. Don’t ever consider yourself for anything less. Heights are made to achieve, the only thing at this time, or even after 10 years you need is to understand and know how to work with Technology. Technology, if you know how to wisely operate and work with it, can actually uplift you. 


A region like yours has widely given you the opportunities to reach local as well as nearby region’s audience, but when Businesses like yours, who have the stories to disclose to the world and even have the potential to reach farther, why not adopt a website for your Brand Visibility on a broader realm? 

Websites are not just to make people aware of your Brand but even give you more business opportunities. Because gaining more patrons is what the website’s concept is for. 

Taking a step ahead in business is the basic growing part. And living in the century of Automation and AI, not having a website will just let you reach a limited audience but to accomplish the Luxuriousness, you need to broaden your horizon. 


Once you understand that investing in your business, which is like your child, is going to be a feat. The next step that comes is to decide which Website Is Your Requirement

Technology is actually a very unbounded and broader concept that cannot be confined anywhere. It gives the perks and incentives, without job hunting for great MNCs or even going anywhere. The only thing you need is to understand it because it understands you.


Websites are categorized according to your Business’s Requirements. 


  • LANDING PAGE- If your initial motif for a website is just to give a hint about your business to the online traffic, or just want to make your business’s visibility online, then you must go with a landing page. These types of websites are a great virtual voice for summing up your entire enterprise into a single-page recital. 

These are basically for those who just want to step their business into the Digital World and want to accentuate specific focuses of their Business, which can include a sum-up of your entire business, or for any particular product or service.

These are like brief entries of your Brand published online.


  • STATIC WEBSITE- Once you understand and research your business, you get several ideas to share about you, such as how you started from scratch, how your business grew, and several other stories. For that, you even prepare the Brochures or Prospectus to let people know the Experts Behind The Brand and sometimes even What They Deal With.

But how does it sound to have a Brochure of Your Business on the Online Marketplace? The static websites hold the chance to pour these incentives. 

These categorized sites are very essential to letting people know about you on the Global level and even transpires them with your Business related entities. 

Being even regarded as a Flat Page or Stationary Website, it is very clear that these go with no further amendments and remain stationed within 7 pages. 


  • DYNAMIC WEBSITE- When you aspire to reach the pinnacle of the Virtual Platform, the needed requirements for your Online Visibility are far behind from just telling about yourself. You need to own your own wider land on the Technical Earth, and need to have the authority to make it boundless and free of any confinement.

And that land is a dynamic website, these are the websites that offer a broader vision to the Website itself. If you want your website to be versatile and are easy to update and have metamorphosis, these are definitely going to be the best Online Official Addresses for your brand.


  • E-COMMERCE WEBSITE- In this fast-paced genre of the time, consider yourself as someone who has worked a whole day long and returns back to their house and remembers that they didn’t go to that particular shop for some particular task, and now for the following days you are out, but the task was really important. 

Exactly, that is what you will feel, but the e-commerce websites are really an accolade to both customers as well sellers. 

If you need your business to acquire patrons from a wider horizon, and want to deliver your products and services on a National or even International scale, these websites are your Friend Indeed.